Mad Max Review: Video Game Adaption Doesn't Step on the Gas Until the 8-Hour Mark

Sep 4, 2015

Game offers up stellar visuals and impressive combat, but it can't match the movie's relentless action


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a video game based on the leather-clad road warrior “Mad” Max Rockatansky, but until this year it had been even longer since we’d seen the post-apocalyptic wasteland wanderer on the big screen.

Mad Max: Fury Road changed that, in a big way. The first Mad Max movie in 30 years, it was an unqualified critical and commercial hit. At some point during the film’s development, Warner Bros.’ video game division must have seen the writing on the wall, and collaborated with Avalanche Studios, makers of the fantastic Just Cause series, to create a game based on the rebooted world of Mad Max.

Out this week to coincide with the release of Fury Road on Blu-ray, Mad Max isn’t directly connected to the movie, although it does share characters, locations and an overall general lore. Max in the game looks and sounds nothing like Fury Road star Tom Hardy, though, and he boasts an Aussie accent thicker than Ayers Rock. Throw another irradiated rat on the barbie, mate!

Mad Max opens with Max attacked by the warlord Scabrous Scrotus, brother to Fury Road’s Rictus Erectus and son of the film’s chief villain (and fantastic offspring-namer), Immortan Joe. Although Max puts up a savage fight, Scrotus and his gang steal Max’s car and leave him for dead in the desert.

But thanks to an outcast mechanic named Chumbucket, Max is able to scrounge together a new ride that he must ultimately build into a mighty chariot of the wastes. As Max explores this expansive and lethal desert world, from the barren salt flats to the dangerous and highly fortified Gastown, he’ll forge new alliances, defeat legions of enemies and hunt for fuel, water, car parts and scrap. Tons and tons of scrap.

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