6 Tips to Help You Survive From the Creators of Destiny: The Taken King

Sep 18, 2015

This probably sounds familiar if you're a Destiny fan: you've worked through The Taken King's new story and now you're confronted by a veritable mountain of new stuff to do. Where do you start? How do you get the good gear? What does it all mean?

You want tips. Advice. Maybe some direction. We know. We were there too. Fortunately, "there" happened to be at Bungie's offices two weeks before The Taken King launched. Which means we were able to sit down and get advice straight from the source.

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Here are some tips for making the most out of your first hours with Destiny: The Taken King, compliments of creative director Luke Smith and art director Mike Zak.

Don't stress the power game early on

It's important to go into The Taken King with an open mind. The climb to level 40 doesn't take especially long even if you're not using a fully leveled character from year one of Destiny.

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