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    The long awaited next installment of the MMX: RPG series. Included in this chapter: - A rebuilt engine from Chapter 0 means it's faster, prettier and best of all - 99% crash proof. - Game too small? Change the resolution. Smallest 520x420 / Largest 720x580 - A large, detailed (albeit pixaled) world. If you hate sprite games, please move on. - A well written, non-linear story with branching paths. Does not break established canon. Again, this is an RPG. If you don't like reading, I suggest you find something else that appeases your ADD. - Game play time: 30 minutes to a couple of hours. - Save and autosave features. Files transfer over. - Multiple Battle Chips and over 120 unique techs. - Character Specialization in the form of UPGRADES, for those who love talent trees. (And seriously, who doesn't?) - Chip Synthesize. Mix two Battle Chips together to make unique ones! - Shops to buy stuff and sell your loot. - Boss Rush mode, for those of you who are a glutton for punishment. Seriously, they are HARD. You have to play smart. Can't just blast through them like you can the baddies. - Hidden bosses. - Achievements (only 11 in this chapter). For a great walkthrough of this game, I highly suggest checking this out: http://yrtnej.newgrounds. com - Thank you Yrtnej! From the developer: - I just want to thank everybody who commented and supported me on Chapter 0, for without your support, I never would have made Chapter 1. I really do hope you enjoy this; this game is for you. Also, I want to thank Tom/Newgrounds for extending my limit from 10 to 15 MB. On a personal note, this will probably be the last chapter I can produce for a while. I haven't been able to find a job, so I've enlisted in the Army. (Which is shitty, since I already did it for 4 years). Unless some game developer wants to hire me within the next 30 or so days, I'll be in Fort Benning for OCS for at least a couple of months. Which makes me... gosh, so sad. Patch Notes: (There are still several small bugs, but I'm constantly patching the game.) * - Fixed the support glitch, which caused the game to freezes if you try and remove/select him. * - Fixed the compare glitch when shopping for equipment. *- Fixed a glitch in which you could steal high priced Gizmondo's from low-level enemies. Sorry guys - this exploitative loophole is being closed. *- Along those same lines, Wind Shredder no longer does an insane amount of damage. It's effectively been nerfed. *- Healing no longer charges your limit meter. * - Fixed a small glitch with achievements and a massive amount of typos. Thank you Matthew! * - Fixed several glitches in the simulation room. Should no longer freeze if attempting to view objectives. Course three should no longer reset when entering/exiting. * - Fixed a glitch when fighting Guts Man G and the Yellow Devil. Should not freeze when they have their limit break. * - The guard that explains battle tactics now also explains buffs, afflictions and shields. Also took care of the repeating glitch. Sorry! * - Stuns are now temporary and should wear off quickly. * - Poison now detracts 10% from a targets remaining HP instead of the total HP. Withdrawal, however, still uses the formula: (10% * Poison Stack) * Total HP = Total Damage. * - Added a new boss. In simulation room 3, instead of Dynamo, you'll face... * - Has anybody been able to defeat the hidden boss?
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