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    Release date : 10/23/15
    Price : $ 13.99 USD
    Game Size : 807.693MB
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  • Description:
    The eyes are watching... and they're everywhere. Fans of the highly-rated Fear for Sale series will love their latest assignment as journalist Emma Roberts. Statues are coming alive in the small town of Eastwood, and they're attacking! EleFun takes you on a creepy adventure in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game. Play a variety of hidden-object puzzles, including list and silhouette. You've never had so many collectibles before, with post cards, toys, and many other objects to find throughout the game.nnSee what our Beta testers had to say:n"I like this game. I especially liked the jigsaw puzzle option when I was stumped in an HO scene. The puzzles were not overly difficult and the story held my attention." - Jiao, beta testern"Outstanding graphics and gameplay. I just loved that I could interact with several items in each scene as well as all puzzles, hidden object scenes and storyline. Looking forward to this little gem when it becomes available." - Kathy, beta tester
    System Requirement :
    • Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
    • 1.6 GHz
    • RAM : 1024 Mb
    • DirectX :
    • HD Space : 1222 Mb
    Bullets :
    • Investigate mysterious poisonous plants throughout town
    • Rescue an American colony in the bonus game
    • Collect morphing flower cards to unlock a secret room
    • Extras include: music, art, wallpapers, and videos
    • Love mini-games? Replay your favorites in the extras

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